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Liam (Multiple Colors) - A-Morir Eyewear - 1

Liam (Multiple Colors)

$ 250.00

Liam Howlett met the members of his band outside of a rave. He pulled out a mixtape and the B-Side was called “The Prodigy” in reference to the Moog Prodigy synthesizer he used to make most of his music. And with that “The Prodigy” was born and their critically acclaimed album “The Fat Of The Land” went on to sell over ten million copies. This universally classic frame features meticulously hand applied black mink on the brow of each lens and topped off with a matching pom pom for an opulent yet understated take on a universal classic.

all a-morir products are hand made to order. please allow up to one month for delivery. please see TERMS for more information.

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