Each A-Morir item is hand embellished with premium materials in our New York City studio. A-Morir items are special, so please treat your pieces delicately. We encourage our customers to be conscientious of their delicate eyewear and keep unworn pieces stored properly when not worn. All A-Morir pieces should be kept away from food, water, creams, and anything else that might not be great to get on your wearables. Common sense goes a long way!

Each A-Morir piece comes with our premium packaging, however some of our larger pieces do not fit into our traditional packaging models in which case alternative protection is provided.


Each piece of A-Morir Eyewear is hand embellished therefore your piece is more delicate than your standard eyewear. Please use appropriate care  to enjoy and preserve your eyewear. Please only clean your lenses with the A-Morir cleaning cloth, or another high quality micro fiber cloth. Please refrain from using water or any other liquids to clean your eyewear as it can damage the frame and loosen the embellishments. For a deep clean we recommend spraying both sides of your lenses with rubbing alcohol and cleaning with a high quality micro fiber cleaning cloth. Crystal adhesion does not stand the harsh force of other cleaning agents, and while you may think a cotton tshirt is a great lens cleaner it isn't!


After wearing, gently wipe with your A-Morir microfiber cleaning cloth and store pieces your A-Morir microfiber cloth pouch or other soft cloth to avoid scratching. We recommend using A-Morir hard cases only for travel for our fully pave’d pieces, as the edges of the cases can wear against the crystals along the bottom of the frames.


A-Morir is happy to handle minor repairs for the first six months of ownership, but is not responsible for any major damage done to the eyewear once received. Any repairs after six months are subject to a reasonable repair fee determined once the item has been inspected by our artisans in our New York City studio. All items submitted for repair must be accompanied by the order confirmation or an original sales receipt. All repairs are subject to shipping charges. Due to the limited nature of some of our pieces we can not guarantee that we will be able to repair your item. Please contact orders@a-morir.com with your order number with any questions or concerns - We're at your service.