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a-morir has teamed up with an American eyewear lens laboratory that makes Silvermist lenses, the finest prescription eyeglass and sunglass lenses available on the market today. All of our lenses are made to order according to your prescription in the United States.

For any questions regarding our world class prescription service or to receive a prescription order form please email get in touch through our contact page or email prescriptions@a-morir.com

Our lab offers more choices for eyeglass and sunglass lenses than any other lab in the country. Patented Silvermist technology allows you to select virtually any frame for your prescription, even for prescriptions that extend to +8 or -10 in total power.

Silvermist lens designs are up to 38% thinner and up to 44% lighter than your standard prescription lens. Each custom-made lens is dynamically engineered with improved visual performance zones and lens power compensation for the best vision ever.

It was important for us to find a lens lab that was in line with our philosophy. Our lab uses old world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment to produce top quality prescription lenses. They are incredibly trusted in the industry and are the go to prescription lens lab for brands including Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa del Mar, O’Neill, Serengeti, Rudy Project, Ray-Ban, Tifosi, Amphibia, Wiley X, and Bolle. Their experience and advanced technology allow a-morir to provide you with the very best in prescription eyewear and sunwear.

All of our sunglasses can be fit for a prescription. We are currently offering 4 lens colors (Grey, Brown, Green, and Rose) and 18 stunning mirror coatings. Additionally, any sunglass can be converted into a clear lensed prescription eyeglass, with 4 lens options for each single vision and progressive lenses.

All eyewear ordered from our website ships worldwide.