About A-Morir Bridal

The newest must-have accessory for every bride, A-Morir Bridal is the first ever line of bridal eyewear.

Not only A-Morir Bridal a standout accessory on your wedding day, it becomes part of your entire wedding experience. While your dress or shoes get put in storage after your special day A-Morir Bridal comes with you on your honeymoon, and for your anniversary - holding a place on your night table or bookshelf for the time inbetween. And of course we encourage you to wear your A-Morir Bridal with your summer wardrobe or your winter whites. (Spring and Fall work well too!)

Email bridal@a-morir.com for any and all inquiries and someone will get back to you within one working day. Read on for our offerings!


Whether you want to commemorate your wedding date, your wedding hashtag, or proclaim your love for your bethrothed A-Morir Bridal gives you the opportunity to make your piece even more exceptional with a custom engraving. The engraving on the inner temple (aka: arm) is yours to choose (within 17 characters!) with the top two requests being wedding hashtag or wedding date. Email bridal@a-morir.com  with ENGRAVINGS in the subject line for more information about creating a true one of a kind wedding heirloom.


All of our acetate frames are hand made to order, which means more flexibility for us and more options for you! We work with a small family owned atelier on Prince Edward Island and a small workshop in Japan to create the most beautiful pieces imaginable. We love working on one of a kind pieces with our clients - email bridal@a-morir.com with BESPOKE BRIDAL in the subject so we can discuss making your dreams come true. Like all bespoke works these take time, please take that to consideration when making a request.


Don't think we left out your girl's favorite girls! We offer discounts on 5 or more of the same style for this special occasion, premium packaging and studio stationary cards for you to write your bridesmaid's notes on. Want to make your dream eyewear a reality? With a dozen pastel and and classic colors to choose from, and eight custom shapes the options are endless. Want to colormatch your bridesmaids gowns? We can do that, too. Email bridal@a-morir.com with BRIDESMAIDS in the subject and someone will get back to you within one working day.


At A-Morir we do more than eyewear. Whether you want to customize a pair of wedding shoes, gift your girls crystal party cups for bachelorette weekend or want to make a special something for your friends email projects@a-morir.com with CUSTOM CRYSTALLIZATION in the subject line and we'll actualize your vision. We've done a full sweat suit, and an actual tylenol so there is literally no project too big or too small.