Pink Crystal Face Mask

Thanks to y'all masks are in high demand! Each one is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks to receive! You asked for a crystal face mask and a-morir delivered! We all know that wearing something that you love can lift your spirits - this comfy cotton face mask covered in hundreds of hand placed crystals is sure to lift your spirits higher than the monkey raised Simba on Pride Rock. Because each piece is hand embellished no two are alike, making each one personal and unique. Now in the most perfect pink with a mix of light and rich pink crystal colors for multi dimensional shine! Masks will ship within a week to make sure they have enough time to be made, cured, and sanitized. Stay safe, stay glamorous!

Mask details: 100% cotton, made in the USA. Hand embellished with rose and light rose crystals in 5 different sizes using a premium non toxic gem adhesive.

Mask measurements: 7.5'' across, 5.5'' high in the middle, and 3.5'' high on the ends. The ear loop is approx 8''

Mask care:
- Our recommendation for daily use is to spray both sides of the mask with rubbing alcohol and hang to dry.
- You can put the mask in a delicates bag and run it through the washer / dryer when needed. It will shrink a tad and stretch back out after a few wears.
- Alternately, you can gently hand wash with liquid soap on the non-embellished side, and hang to dry.

all a-morir products are hand made to order. please allow up to one month for delivery. please see TERMS for more information.

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