AKIMI Arc Earrings

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Quickly becoming our every day fave, these super light wabi sabi inspired earrings pack a glamorous punch. Rhodium plated crystal strands in 4 different sizes create a beautiful arc along the side of the face, easily elevating any outfit. Named after Amy, someone who is more like a sister than a friend, who inspires everyone around her to see the wabi sabi beauty in all of life's cracks. 

Dirty details: 3 strands of classic crystal and one strand of crystal baguette in an asymmetrical Rhodium plated arc. Available in clip on or piercing!
Width: 1.5'' at widest
Length: 3.5'' at longest
Why Rhodium? It's the same brilliant color as Silver, but it's in the very fancy Platinum family, making it even more beautiful and of better quality!

all a-morir products are hand made to order. please allow up to one month for delivery. please see TERMS for more information.

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